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機架式 8通道 高壓脈衝電源 (COM-IO Series)

Rack-mount command and control operation board

custom design solutions upon request

Download datasheet

This multi-channel control/command board can for example drive up to 8 pulse generators of the GIPO* type to supply Pockels’cells with energy. Each channel holds an additional synchronisation input allowing the connection of elements such as flash lamps or laser diodes. Full remote command and control can be achieved through serial port or fieldbus adapter for various protocols.
As an example of our manufactures, see the datasheet of our 8 channels board.

*not included
Click on any one of the items below to download the complete data sheet(s) in Adobe PDF format. Although we try to maintain our information as up-to-date as possible, the indicated specifications are subject to change without notice. To request information regarding delivery schedules, prices or for any other subject of interest for you, please fill out the form CONTACT US.

Regarding our custom made products: if a standard product does not meet your needs, SDS can modify an existing product or develop a new design, depending on our technical capabilities and your budget.


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